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Not really active because of missing time and motivation. But if I have another stupid idea, I'll share it here first.
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Posted by UmmabeatsMusic - August 27th, 2019

Oh, this will be a fun one.

I'm quitting making music, and thus being "active" on Newgrounds. It has exactly three reasons:

  1. Missing motivation. While some of my remixes got a huge amount of listens, comments and likes, my original work almost never got any attention. But I can definitely understand why; the source songs of my remixes were quite popular and I think I'm really not talented in composing original music and all that, which leads me to my next point:
  2. Dissatisfaction. I hate my music. The process of making it may be fun sometimes, but at the end I either never finish anything or do it just very roughly. Also I personally listen to c o m p l e t e l y, and i mean, completely different styles of music! I don't listen to any dubstep (or EDM in general) or Rap, I'm actually a metalhead. I would LOVE to compose my own metal, and I'm already part in a small band (playing bass and keyboard). But I'm not able to share anything here of our results.
  3. Missing time. I'm not able to waste any more time for making (at least electronic) music, mostly due to other hobbys, like: photography, programming, sleeping... I tried for three years to make this kind of music and I haven't succeeded. Oh, and school of course.

If anybody is interested in it, I will release all of my "recent" (~1.5 years) songs and maybe some bigger project files. It will take a while to compile a list of everything, rendering it all out and uploading it to my server, but it will happen soon. Feel free to do anything with this stuff, you may actually be suprised what I've tried out in my last few projects.

Downloads will be available at http://mineclashtv.bplaced.net/downloads/music/uwu

Thank you.